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Corinne Aesthetics Facials 

Head Massage

Signature Facial | 90 min            Facials start  at $250

90 minute hyper customized elevated facial and ultimate skin care treatment for every skin care need.

CA Studio's facial skin care products contain sophisticated ingredients which help to strengthen the epidermis while protecting your natural skin barrier. Each customizable facial treatment is designed to leave the skin healthy, glowing and protected from outside aggressions. Every treatment contains manual lifting and draining to help enhance firming, toning, and microcirculation. Enhancements by Nicole's signature hand techniques. Each treatment is finished with special enhancements that are tailored to each guest. 

Image by Ale Romo

Zen Out Facial | 120 min

2 hour deluxe hyper customized luxury and constructive facial treatment for the ultimate "Need to Relax" guest with multiple skin care needs. Great for any guest looking for the ultimate skin care treatment, while cutting out the world for a couple of hours to relax and rejuvenate. This facial includes lymphatic massage, LED, an extended amount of face, neck, and declotte' massage, for your ultimate relaxation. Two  additional enhancements, are added to the service, that are tailored to each guests needs. 


Deep Cleansing Pregnancy Facial | 90 min

This 90 minute facial is optimized for pregnancy to help you get the most out of the pregnancy glow. Includes a cold mask for deep cleansing in every pore, facial massage, and lymphatic stimulation.

Bespoke Ultimate Bio-Lift Treatment - 110min

Nina Nicole's ultimate face lift treatment first starts with cutting edge manual face sculpting, lymphatic stimulation , and muscle manipulation face massage.  Followed by Microcurrent, Specialized eye firming treatment, LED, and cryotherapy. Guests will visible see prominent lifting, firming and toning for 5-7 days. Feel physical drainage, significant brightening, smoother and softer texture, and brighter firmer eyes. 

Gold Ribbon_edited.jpg

Kimmy's Care facial - 60/90 min                Starting at $130

This integrative unique therapy is designed and customized to ensure a safe and relaxing outcome for oncology clients. Creates relief for unpleasant side effects associated with cancer treatments and therapies such as skin dehydration, loss of elasticity, skin rashes, skin disorders and or rashes such as rosacea or eczema. This service will focus on the whole person with a Holistic approach of mind-body-spirit. With each guest having  unique circumstances this treatment wih be approached with a heightened level of sensitivity to address the specific conditions of each guest's conditions associated with Cancer. Each guest will leave feeling rehydrated, revitalized, and confident. 

Gentle Facial Peels | 60min   Peels $250 - Multiple sessions recommended 

This New** Effective Italian Peel improves the Skin's surface, imperfections, and accelerates cell turnover to bring out New skin. Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastine deep with the skin's layers, results can be seen instantly, while continuing to improve over the bi-weekly treatment sessions. 

Able to treat Blemishes, Scarring, Large pores, Melasma, Sun damage, General Skin Rejuvenation and Hyperpigmentation (PIH). 

The practitioner will consult with you during your consult reguarding how many sessions are recommended to achieve the desired results. 

1-2 Treatments are great for Non - problemmatic skin for a Brightening Boost, enhanced skin tightening and firming. Preventative Care. 

Beautiful Skin

Skincare From The Neck Down

Back Massage

Body Treatments | 60-80 min Starting at $200

Ultimate targeted body treatments to help treat specific skin imbalances or certain skin and body disorders. Each treatment is hyper customized to the Goals of each guest's needs and is usually recommended for multiple treatments through sessions that enhance faster results. Each treatment is 60-80 minutes and helps to eliminate body toxins, improve circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage.

Back Facial | 80 min

Healthy Gut & Body Lymphatic Treatment | 80 min

Lymphatic Draining & Slimming Leg Treatment |  75 min


             Hair Removal

Luxury Wax Services

Sophisticated Vegan Wax customizable for all skin types and stubborn hair. 

1 Wax service can be added to any facial service, if requested when scheduling your appointment. Please expect for 20-30 min to be added to your service time. 

Full Leg | Half Leg

Bikini Line

Lip & Chin 

Full Brazilian

Image by Aliya Amangeldi


Brow Wax & Design 

Eyebrows - Wax only 

Brow Design (Includes wax, tint, and shape)


Ayurvedic Care 


Head & Neck Recovery Massage | 90 min

A Holistic Head and neck pain recovery massage which helps stimulate circulation, detoxify, and soothe the back, shoulders, neck, face, and crown where stress manifests. This Thai treatment uses a traditional blend of revitalizing steamed herbs such as ginger, lemongrass, and menthol. Improves better sleep, muscle and joint pain, and people with frequent headaches. Great for Travelers, Athletes, people always on the Go, or with demanding jobs. Nurses, doctors etc. 

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